Saturday, March 16, 2013

U.N. Development Chief: The War On Drugs Has Failed

U.N. Development Chief Flags Failings Of 'War On Drugs' -- New York Times/Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - There is increasing evidence that the war on drugs has failed, with criminalization often creating more problems than it solves, said Helen Clark, the head of the United Nations Development Program.

Speaking ahead of Thursday's presentation of the UNDP's 2013 Human Development Report, Clark, a former New Zealand prime minister, said Latin American leaders should be encouraged to develop different policies to tackle the drug scourge.

"I've been a health minister in my past and there's no doubt that the health position would be to treat the issue of drugs as primarily a health and social issue rather than a criminalized issue," Clark told Reuters in an interview.

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War on drugs: What is it good for? -- David Case, Global Post

My Comment: The alternatives are not appealing either. Afghanistan and Pakistan are two countries that do not enforce drug laws .... and what has been the end result are millions of addicts that are producing a social and health disaster that is unimaginable.

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