Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why Young European Muslims Are Joining Radical Rebel Groups In Syria

Clampdown On Islam In Europe Drives Young Muslims To Syrian War -- RT 

Backslash on multiculturalism in Europe and easy access to global jihad info on the web prompts young Muslims from France and other EU states to join the Syrian rebels, Jean-Yves Camus, a specialist on extremism, told RT.

The EU's anti-terror chief, Gilles de Kerchove, is sounding the alarm over the number of young Europeans going off to the Syrian war.

Hundreds of volunteers are already fighting alongside rebels and could pose a serious security threat when they return home, according to the official.

Specialist in extremism at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations, Jean-Yves Camus, shares those concerns, adding that the rise of radicalism in Europe can be also explained by the many conflicts in the Muslim world the West had a hand in.

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My Comment: A part of me wishes that the Boston marathon bombers had also gone off to fight in Syria's civil war .... but I guess killing unarmed civilians was what they felt most comfortable in doing.

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