Sunday, May 12, 2013

Harry At The Warrior Games

Harry's The Fall Guy! Prince Takes A Tumble At Volleyball Game With Wounded U.S. Service Members As He Kicks Off Warrior Games -- Daily Mail

* Prince Harry fell flat on his back on Saturday morning during a game of sitting volleyball
* The prince opened the games in Colorado Springs on the third day of his US tour
* Prince Harry expressed concern at 'visual impact' of wind farms at Sanctuary Golf Course in Denver, Colorado
* He echoed the concerns of Prince Charles in conversation with American renewable energy chief
* Charles has previously called wind farms a 'horrendous blot on the landscape', while Duke of Edinburgh has also spoken out about them, branding them 'absolutely useless'.
* At the eventful party, he also serenaded swimmer Missy for her 18th birthday
* Earlier he visited the Walter Reed National Military Center and chatted with injured soldiers

Prince Harry has expressed his concern at the 'visual impact' of wind farms at a reception during his American tour - echoing the views held by his father.

The younger prince questioned the merits of the turbines while speaking to Susan Reilly, chief executive officer of Renewable Energy Systems Americas, at the drinks reception.

Meanwhile, as he played a game of sitting volleyball yesterday, Prince Harry fell flat on his back with a decidedly unroyal hoot of laughter.

Dressed in combat camouflage fatigues and desert boots, the third in line to the throne took his fall in good humour, laughing and joking with other members of the team.

The prince was opening the 2013 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs on the third day of his so far hugely successful US tour.

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My Comment: I am sure there are many soldiers who are glad that he showed up.

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