Saturday, June 22, 2013

For The First Time In 200 Years No More Saturday Night Tradition For British Sailors Toasting To Their 'Wives And Sweethearts'

Sailors make a toast on a submarine in 1940 but the Royal Navy will no longer be able to drink to 'Our wives and sweethearts', after the Ministry of Defence banned the Saturday night tradition because there are so many women at sea

Navy Ditches Toast To 'Wives And Sweethearts' For The First Time In 200 Years Because There Are Now So Many Women At Sea -- Daily Mail

* The Saturday night tradition has been scrapped by the Ministry of Defence
* Traditionalists blast decision, calling the change 'unnecessary'

Royal Navy sailors will never again make their traditional Saturday night toast and drink to ‘Our Wives and Sweethearts.’

The toast, which prompts the response, ‘May they never meet’, has been banned because there are so many women officers serving in the Navy.

The seafaring tradition – often made with a tot of rum – has stood for 200 years, but will now be changed so that servicemen and women toast ‘Our families’ instead.

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My Comment:
Another dumb ruling from Britain's MoD.

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