Friday, June 28, 2013

Islamists In Kuwait Are Raising Hundreds of Millions Of Dollars To Assist The Syrian rebels

Islamists Auction Off Cars To Buy Heat Seeking Missiles For Syrian Rebels -- The Cable/Foreign Policy

A group of hard-line Islamists in Kuwait raised enough cash to arm 12,000 Syrian rebels this week, according to statements by the group's leaders. The next step: flood the country with guided missiles, heat-seeking missiles and tandem warheads.

The United States is currently considering ways to provide small arms to moderate elements of the Syrian opposition. Washington officials swear they can keep those weapons from falling into extremists' hands. Perhaps that's so. But those CIA-led efforts may be eclipsed by a parallel push to give more powerful weapons -- capable of taking down commercial aircraft -- to the opposition. And these arms runners are far less concerned about the weapons winding up with the rebels' al qaeda-aligned Islamist wing.

This week, the Great Kuwait Campaign, a private organization of Kuwaiti clerics and politicians, announced a new phase of its fundraising campaign after successfully raising several millions of dollars from auctioning off cars, rounding up gold jewelry and soliciting donations.

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My Comment: When it comes to weapons .... money talks. Now we know who is paying the Libyans to ship their weapons to the Syrian rebels. The big question now is .... for the right price will they now ship guided missiles, heat-seeking missiles and tandem warheads.

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