Thursday, June 27, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 27, 2013

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

US Leads In Arming World; But China, Russia Defense Business Rising -- NBC

The United States remains by far the largest arms and military equipment provider in the world, but that dominance is expected to wane over the next eight years, with China and Russia boosting their defense industries, an analysis said on Wednesday.

"Two things are happening: budgets are shifting east, and global arms trade is [seeing] increasing competition," said Paul Burton, senior manager of IHS Jane's Defence, publisher of an authoritative weekly on defense issues.

"This is the biggest explosion in trade the world has ever seen," Burton said of Jane's latest analysis of the global arms business.

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Jane's: U.S. waning in global arms market -- UPI

Asia Pacific defence budgets 'to outstrip N. America by 2021' -- FOX News/AFP

West losing defense edge to Asia-Pacific -- Guy Anderson, Special to CNN

Israel ranks as the world's sixth largest arms exporter in 2012 -- Haaretz

A Buyers Market For Anti-Ship Missiles -- Strategy Page

Chinese Air Force Gets More H-6K Strategic Bombers -- Defense Update

Russia has no military personnel in Syria: reports -- Reuters

Russia to Open Military Base in Belarus -- Moscow Times

The 50th Paris Air Show Manages a Few Surprises for the Defence Industry -- Defence Talk

Middle East Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Market Grows Significantly -- Defence Talk

Report: China's UAVs Could Challenge Western Dominance -- Defense News

U.N. Panel: North Korea Deceived China on Missile Transporters -- Global Security Newswire

China breaks sanctions with North Korea -- Washington Times

Italy's JSF Buy Still A Go, Despite Opposition -- Defense News

Australia Sells Amphibs for Scrap -- Defense News

Manila plans air, naval bases at Subic with access for U.S., officials say -- Reuters

Senior Chinese military leaders meet U.S. retired generals -- People's Daily Online

EU Mulls Extending Anti-Piracy Operation, Use of Battlegroups -- Defense News

Hackers post U.S. troops’ personal details; collateral damage from the Korean cyberwar? -- Washington Times

Navy Docs Reveal UCLASS Minimum Ranges and Maximum Costs -- USNI News

Navy Report on Maryland Drone Crash: ‘Disastrous Results’ Averted -- Daily Beast

F-16 fighter jet crashes in Arizona; both pilots OK -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Marines' Sequester Bill: 8,000 Troops, Ground Vehicles, Combat Aircraft -- National Defense

Congress Says Special-Ops Budget Top Too Secret -- Time

Defense chief says Snowden leaks were 'serious security breach' -- Reuters

Army opening cyber training school at Fort Gordon, Ga., according to reports --

CIA report refutes Senate panel’s criticism of agency’s harsh interrogation methods -- Washington Post

Navy opening more jobs to women, but some might stay closed -- Navy Times

Military members with PTSD face double risk for heart disease -- CBS

Gulf War illness advocates skeptical of institute panel -- Navy Times

Group Ties Sexual Assault to Base-Sold Porn --

Conviction Thrown Out In Case Of US Marine's Alleged Kidnapping And Murder Of Iraqi Policeman -- Business Insider/AP

Taking another shot at cutting nukes -- Walter Pincus, Washington Post

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