Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Soldier Has One Last Thing To Do Before Deploying To Afghanistan

Initimate: Torey's family gathered in her living room to watch the romantic proceedings online

Soldier About To Go To Afghanistan Marries Girlfriend Over Skype -- Daily Mail

A Colorado soldier facing deployment to Afghanistan has tied the knot with his girlfriend over Skype from his base in Panama.

In a virtual whirlwind, Staff Sgt. Darrin Brust initiated the romantic gesture by proposing to his long-time girlfriend Torey Simons at the airport before he left for Central America.

With one week before his deployment to Afghanistan, Torey had little time to prepare the online ceremony but with family gathered in her home and Darrin's soldier buddies huddled around the computer as witnesses, the couple made their vows.

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My Comment: Young and in love .... what more can I say.

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