Tuesday, June 4, 2013

West Point Rugby Team Disbanded For Sending E-Mails That Are Derogatory To Women

Photo: The West Point men's rugby club, shown playing last season, was disbanded in May and some of this season's players were disciplined after an investigation. (Mike Strasser / West Point Public Affairs)

West Point Rugby Team Indefinitely Disbanded As Details Emerge Of 'Crude Sexual' Emails And 'Culture Of Disrespect Towards Women' -- Daily Mail

* 60 players punished after investigation into email chain showed lewd, inappropriate references to homosexuality, incest, and rape
* U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke at the elite military academy's May 25 convocation, where he called sexual harassment a 'debilitating, insidious, and destructive force in the American military'

The rugby team of West Point military academy has been disbanded and players disciplined over an email chain involving crude sexual references and suggesting a ‘hostile team environment or a culture of disrespect towards women.’

Players on the rugby team of the elite New York institution—a veritable assembly line into the highest echelons of the American military—shared emails that have now been deemed to be in violation of the Cadet Disciplinary Code.

Shared between the entire rugby team be several players, the emails reportedly contained rankings of a sexual nature of female cadets and other women, as well as references to rape, incest, and homosexuality.

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