Friday, July 5, 2013

Afghanistan War News Updates -- July 5, 2013

Muhammad Naeem, left, a spokesman for the Office of the Taliban of Afghanistan speaks during the opening of the Taliban Afghanistan Political Office in Doha June 18, 2013. Mohammed Dabbous/Reuters

Afghan Peace Negotiations Remain Uncertain -- Washington Post

KABUL — Two weeks after the prospect of peace talks with the Taliban dramatically imploded, the insurgent group’s office in Qatar remains an apt symbol for Afghanistan’s diplomatic stalemate. Behind high walls in residential Doha, the office hasn’t been opened for negotiations, and it hasn’t been forced to close.

For now, it is a would-be negotiations center — years in the making — that conducts no negotiations. Americans and Afghans are unsure whether it ever will. But closing it could preclude a political solution to the 11-year-long war in Afghanistan.

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More News On Afghanistan

NATO soldier soldier killed in western Afghanistan -- Khaama Press
Suicide bombers kill 22, including police officers, in Afghanistan -- UPI
Two suicide attacks kill 16 in Afghanistan -- Two Circles
At Least 14 Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bombings -- Voice of America
Suicide Attacks on Afghan Police Claim 14 Lives -- AP
Afghan suicide bomber 'kills 12' at Uruzgan police station -- BBC
Suicide bomber in uniform kills 12 Afghan police -- Reuters
Suicide attack kills 12 police in south Afghanistan -- FOX News/AFP
Suicide attack in Kandahar kill or injure 10 people -- Khaama Press
Gunmen Kill High-Profile Afghan Policewoman -- Voice of America
Top Afghanistan female police officer killed -- BBC
Afghans fighting alone in contested border area -- Air Force Times
Afghan Taliban vow attacks over Ramadan after being hacked -- Reuters
NATO chief urge Pakistan to assist Afghan peace process -- Khaama Press
Karzai, Frustrated, Wants Firm Pledges From U.S. -- New York Times
McCain, Graham, in Afghanistan, voice worry about delay in talks on U.S. troop presence -- The State/McClatchy News
Analysis: Time for a new poppy policy in Afghanistan -- IRIN

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