Saturday, July 13, 2013

Israel's Military Is Facing Future Threats Unlike Any In The Past

IDF soldiers simulating a battle with Hezbollah in a drill this week. A local incident in Lebanon or Syria could escalate. Photo by Reuters

With Upheaval In Arab World, IDF Facing Future Of Threats Unlike Any In The Past -- Haaretz

The challenges from the region's conventional armies seem to be diminishing as dangers grow from non-state actors like Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that in the years ahead Israel will face security challenges that are radically different from those of previous decades. Various officials continue to warn about the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear project and to have their pictures taken against a backdrop of army maneuvers on the Golan Heights, as though a Yom Kippur War scenario loomed there. Now, however, the immediate danger with which Israel must cope is more closely related to the implications of upheavals in the Arab world vis-a-vis the situation along the country’s borders.

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My Comment: Being surrounded by failed states means that you will probably not need to face a huge conventional army in any future conflict. But militias and small groups with different agendas is what Israel will probably be faced with in the future .... with small skirmishes and jet/drone strikes backed by solid intelligence becoming the rule rather than the exception.

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