Wednesday, August 14, 2013

India's Navy Chief Doesn't 'Rule Out Sabotage' In Submarine Explosion And Sinking

Flames from the INS Sindhurakshak burn in Mumbai, India, late on Wednesday. Vikalp Shah / Reuters

Submarine Disaster: Navy Chief Doesn't 'Rule Out Sabotage' -- Times of India

MUMBAI: The Indian Navy chief said the cause of the huge explosions that sank INS Sindhurakshak submarine here early on Wednesday was not known but sabotage was unlikely.

Admiral DK Joshi told the media after defence minister AK Antony visited the disaster site that any number of factors could have led to the tragedy that is believed to have killed 18 officers and sailors. He said initially there was a primary explosion of smaller intensity which in turn caused a major explosion, destroying ammunition stored in the front section of the deep sea attack vessel.

"We cannot rule out sabotage," he said. "But indications at this point do not support the (sabotage) theory.

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My Comment: He has mentioned that "indications at this point do not support the (sabotage) theory" .... but if proven to be the case .... all eyes will be looking at Pakistan .... and all bets are off after that.

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