Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is China Trouncing The U.S. In A New Space Race?

China’s Trouncing Of U.S. In Space Race: ‘Unmistakable Warning Signs’ -- Washington Times

It’s irrefutable, said one political science professor from Georgia: China is moving full speed ahead with its race to space, while other nations — including the United States — have entered yawn status.

“[There] are unmistakable warning signs that China may surpass the United States and Russia to become the world’s pre-eminent spacefaring power,” said John Hickman of Berry College in Georgia in a recent Foreign Policy article.

For example: China’s recent space mission, the piloted Shenzhou 10, “may determine the terms under which the spacefaring powers compete on the final frontier. … For Washington to continue to ignore Beijing’s resolute space policy doesn’t mean there is no space race. It means that Beijing wins by default.”

His opinion hardly stands alone.

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My Comment: The present day excitement in China on their space program reminds me of the excitement that I saw growing up in the old Soviet Union with their space program, and later when I started to follow NASA's space program. The times have certainly changed .... and while the West and Russia have scaled back their desire to explore space .... the Chinese believe that there should be no limits when it comes to exploring space. With such a mindset .... it is inevitable that one day China will become the dominant space power bar none.

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