Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 8, 2013

Twelve Years At War: War In Afghanistan Enters 13th Year -- CNN

It was called "Operation Enduring Freedom," and they weren't kidding about the enduring part.

Twelve years ago today, U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan to dismantle al Qaeda and hunt down Osama bin Laden after the attacks of 9/11.

2,275 U.S. troops have been killed as part of Enduring Freedom, and 19,334 have been wounded in action – a number does not include the deep wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other psychological issues.

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Twelve Years After Afghanistan Invasion, Experts Worry Conflict Being Ignored -- Washington Free Beacon

America’s Longest War -- Stephanie Gaskell, Defense One

Afghan president says US security deal not ready -- AP

UN Urges More Military Force to Confront al-Shabab in Somalia -- Voice of America

North Korea on high alert, threatens U.S. ships with ‘horrible disaster’ -- Washington Times

China’s Cyberattacks Reveal Its Military Interests -- Epoch Times

China military preparing capability to control Taiwan by 2020: MND -- Focus Taiwan

Chinese Military Displays Improving Capabilities -- Heritage Foundation

Russia to Deploy New S-400 Air Defense Regiment Near Moscow -- RIA Novosti

Scottish independence: Post-Yes defence 'will put burden' on public finances -- BBC

Army assures skeptical Germans drones are for training, not spying -- Stars and Stripes

Typhoons dump rain on Okinawa bases but no damage -- Stars and Stripes

New Air Force cargo planes fly straight into mothballs -- FOX News

AMC and DoD disagree over cutting C-130s to save money -- Air Force Times

Time Runs Out On C-27J -- DoD Buzz

Upgraded Fire Scout Prepares for First Test Flight -- Defense Tech

Meet The Army’s Tricked-Out, Super-Fast Stealth Copters of 2030 -- Killer Apps/Foreign Policy

Droning America: The Tech Our Enemies Can Buy -- T.X. Hammes, War On The Rocks

SEALs take over for drones as U.S. ups the stakes in fight against Al Qaeda -- Washington Times

$35M experimental airship damaged, leaks when part of aging hangar's roof collapses -- Stars and Stripes/AP

We’ve Invented Futuristic Flippers — Why Aren’t the SEALs Using Them? -- Steve Weintz, War Is Boring

As Army Tightens Rules on Tattoos, Soldiers Hit the Parlors -- Wall Street Journal

Four sailors face court-martials in Super Pond deaths -- Stars and Stripes/The Baltimore Sun (MCT)

Congress now is expected to revise NSA, FISA court operations -- McClatchy News

Hagel appoints new envoy to rejuvenate efforts to close Guantanamo -- Washington Post

China’s Blue-Water Navy? -- Jingdong Yuan, Nottingham University

The Real Reason Behind China’s Military Expansion -- ISN Security Watch/Oil Price

A Tale of Four Wars -- Patrick Cockburn, London Review of Books

He Beat Us in War but Never in Battle -- John McCain, Wall Street Journal

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