Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WWII Vets Threatened With Arrest If They Visit The World War II Memorial In Washington

Honor Flight To World War II Memorial In Jeopardy Due To Shutdown -- North West Ohio

TOLEDO -- Locally in the Glass City, we can see the affects of the government shutdown at our museums, monuments, and national parks. The gates are closed and locked, denying access completely to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

TSA employees were still working at Toledo Express Airport, but when WNWO called the TSA to find out if they would be affected, there was a message that said the public relations representative did not have access to her voicemail or email due to the government shutdown.

In a letter from Marcy Kaptur's office in the 9th District, it read, "...only services deemed essential for the safety of human life and protection of property will be continued."

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My Comment: If this happens there will be a firestorm of outrage from middle America .... and it will be directed at Congress and the White House.

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