Monday, January 20, 2014

More Terror Threats Directed At The Sochi Olympics

Terror 'Surprise' for Sochi Olympics? Purported Suicide Bombers' New Threat -- ABC News

Citing a new "surprise package" for Russia and Olympic spectators, Islamist militants in the North Caucasus on Sunday launched a new threat to the Sochi Olympics with a purported "martyrdom" video by two suicide bombers who attacked a transit hub 400 miles away.

The video posted on a Chechen extremist site considered a credible platform for militant statements featured two unidentified men before the black flag of jihad and cradling AKMS rifles.

The duo -- dressed in street clothes and without the usual trappings of jihadis -- casually explained that Russians and those attending the Winter Games next month will not be safe as long as forces sent by President Vladimir Putin occupy the North Caucasus region near Sochi, Russia.

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My Comment: The official line from the Russian government has not changed .... basically do not worry.

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