Thursday, January 2, 2014

Senior Iranian Commander: US Incapable Of Attacking Iran Militarily

Deputy Chairman of Iranian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri

US Incapable Of Attacking Iran Militarily: Top Cmdr. -- Press TV (Iran)

A senior Iranian commander has underlined the Islamic Republic’s enormous military capabilities, stating that the United States is incapable of launching a military attack against the country.

“The enemy knows that the entire expanse of the Zionist regime (of Israel) is covered by the military net of the Islamic Republic, and a military action against Iran amounts to utter insanity,” Deputy Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said on Monday.

He added, “For years, our commanders have kept their fingers on the trigger, and they have been given the permission and authority [to attack enemies]. This is not a bluff and propaganda.”

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Update: Iranian commander: Iran can attack U.S., Israeli interests -- UPI

My Comment: What is even more disturbing are news reports from Iran that the U.S. agreed to Iran's nuclear conditions in order to prevent the "destruction of Israel". It is hearing and reading rhetoric like this that makes me very skeptical that the Iranians are serious about any compromise on their nuclear program.

On a side note ....this former Israeli diplomat is in agreement with Iranian General Masoud Jazayeri that Iran is not taking Obama’s military option very seriously.


D.Plowman said...

The U.S has been doing nothing but floundering in the face of incredible harsh rhetoric from Iran. The Obama administration willing to compromise with the Iranians in exchange to lessen sanctions will only make Iran stronger.

Iranian politics seem to be a case of the head of the scorpion uttering false hopes and broken promises while its pincers and tail are setting up an attack posture.

I foresee a dangerous escalation of a cold war between Israel and Iran within a few years perhaps even less unless the extremism mentality changes in Iran and that's not going to happen any time soon.

James' LA Event Listing said...

You can't just wave these comments away as simple rhetoric. They underscore a strong belief in Iran's regime leadership that America's war weariness prevents it from backing up any of its threats in the face of growing provocations from Iran. Iran has consistently tested US revolve through its open involvement in the Syrian conflict, its continued human rights abuses, it support of Hezbollah and open harsh mockery in official state media. All of this bodes ill for the West and even worse for the hopes for long term peace and stability in the Mideast.