Wednesday, April 16, 2014

South Korea Ferry Disaster -- News Updates

'We Were Told To Stay Put': Passengers Describe How Rescue Workers Told Them To Remain On Sinking Ferry Off South Korea Leaving At Least Four Dead And 300 Unaccounted For -- Daily Mail

* Dozens of boats, helicopters and divers are trying to rescue hundreds of passengers who are unaccounted for
* Officials say 164 people have been rescued so far, but the coast guard fear the number of casualties could rise
* More than 300 people on board were high school students who were on a trip at the time
* Ferry was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it sent a distress call around after it began leaning to one side
* The government said about 95 per cent of the ship was submerged when the rescue operation began
* A 27-year-old woman named Park Ji-yeong and high school student Jeong Cha Woong are among the dead
* Passenger, who was rescued from the ferry, says he is 'certain' people are still trapped inside

A huge search operation is still underway off the coast of South Korea as rescuers continued looking for 300 passengers missing after a ferry carrying mostly schoolchildren sank.

At least four people have died, but officials fear the number of casualties could rise 'drastically' with hundreds still trapped inside the submerged vessel.

As night fell, emergency services claimed they had saved 164 people from the boat, which had 470 people on board.

Dozens of fishing vessels, helicopters and divers desperately scrambled to rescue people on the 6,825-ton ferry in what emergency services are calling the country's biggest peacetime disaster in 20 years.

Passengers, who were taken to safety on nearby Jindo Island, described how the emergency services told them to stay on board the ship, despite the fact 95 per cent of it had submerged.

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Andrew Summers said...
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Andrew Summers said...

I would be willing to bet that this was cause by a North Korean mini sub...

War News Updates Editor said...

Andrew .... when I read the news reports that the survivors heard a boom before the ferry started to sink .... I though the same thing. But this ferry is far away from the border with North Korea .... there has to be another explanation.

James said...

Well you know considering N. Korea's leadership's mental state I wouldn't put it past them.