Friday, January 9, 2015

More Details Are Emerging Of A Massive Boko Haram Massacre In Northern Nigeria

NBC News: Boko Haram May Have Killed Thousands in Attack, Say Experts

WNU Editor: A few sick and demented Islamic extremists filled with hate go on a rampage and murder a bunch of cartoonists .... the world is riveted. But a demented Islamic extremist group massacres thousands in Nigeria .... it is buried in the back pages of the news.

More News On Reports That Boko Haram Massacred Thousands In Nigeria

Boko Haram Rampages, Slaughters in Northeast Nigeria -- WSJ
Boko Haram may have just killed 2,000 people: ‘Killing went on and on and on’ -- Washington Post
Nigeria: 2,000 feared killed in Boko Haram's 'deadliest massacre' -- The Guardian
Reports Of Boko Haram-Led Massacre In Captured Nigerian Town -- NPR
Boko Haram Militants Are Back on the Attack in Nigeria as a Presidential Election Looms -- Time
Boko Haram Kill 2,000 People in One Town in Five Days, Say Officials -- Newsweek
Staggering Death Toll Raises Fears of Boko Haram's "Deadliest Massacre" Yet -- Mother Jones
Amnesty: Nigeria Massacre Deadliest in History of Boko Haram -- AP

Update #1: Too little .... too late .... Nigerian Forces Counter-Attack Against Boko Haram; Hundreds of Deaths Reported (VOA).

Update #2: A refugee crisis is exploding .... Thousands of Nigerians Flee Boko Haram Attacks (VOA)

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Anonymous said...

When extremists kill Muslims, it really is not a big deal. We only want to think about the events where they kill non-Muslims because that feeds the narrative we want to build in our minds that Muslims are evil, when in fact no one if paying more of a price and fighting harder against these extremists than Muslims.