Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is The U.S. Navy Buying The Right Ships?

The USS Hurricane, USS Typhoon and USS Chinook in the Persian Gulf, March 2015. U.S. NAVY/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles Oki

David Axe, Reuters: The Pentagon is buying the wrong ship, and it’s costing taxpayers billions

The United States will spend $585 billion on its armed forces in 2015 — the biggest military budget in the world by far. That’s just the Defense Department budget and doesn’t include the tens of billions of dollars that Washington spends on veterans, the purview of the Veterans Administration, or nuclear-weapons development, which falls under the Department of Energy.

There’s tremendous pressure in Congress to spend less. Though the Pentagon argues vehemently that budget cuts will harm national security, there are some fairly obvious places where defense cuts would not only save taxpayers’ money, they could also actually boost national security.

WNU Editor
: A sobering assessment from David Axe .... read it all.


Anonymous said...

Buy 5 LCS and 20 more Cyclone type. We'd save more money and have versatility.

Jay Farquharson said...

Modernize and up arm the Perry Class frigates, rather than mothballing them or selling them off under the ATA Program.