Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Greek Debt Crisis News Updates -- June 30, 2015

Reuters: Greece begs for extension

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out new negotiations with Greece until after it votes on a proposal from creditors, leaving virtually no hope left to avert a midnight default despite a plea from Athens for a last-minute bailout extension.

As the clock ticked down on Tuesday toward midnight, when billions of euros in locked-up bailout funds are due to expire, euro zone finance ministers called a conference call (1:00 a.m. EDT) to discuss the Greek request.

Merkel said there could be no new negotiations until after a July 5 referendum that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called on an offer made last week by creditors, which Tsipras has told Greek voters to reject.

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Greek Debt Crisis News Updates -- June 30, 2015

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Hamilcar Barca said...

I live in Romania , and my country did have a long economic crash in the 90 to the 2000 ,just like Russian Federation crash ,there is a story here to be lear, but Grece a long time free democrats country how din t have a communism system, failed epic in recent years, while my poor country have made major cuts to survive az a country....whee and most of Europe blame greece government for they're on stupidity.....is not normal that a pensioner like my 83 grandma to have a pension of 61 euro per mounth (just like the lowest handicap help the same money 61 euro) and in Greece a average pensioner have like 800 euro per month... anyway to help a country that dont help for herself and keep begging like a gypsy for more and more....is a idiotic thing. i never seen such a lazy people in my life... when is to worm they don't work and close shops at 12 WTF ? The work in Greece is : Monday Wednesday and Saturday from 10 to 14 and Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 10 to 14 and they go home 3 hours and come back at work to 17 and leave at 21. On some island they work only in warm mouths (6 mounths)... and in winter they don t do nothing hibernate or something...lol. And the most annoying thing is the F.....s blame EU for the shit that they r politician have made in Greece .

B.Poster said...

HB: If you're correct and for now I will assume you are it seems correct to blame the EU alright, as in blame them for being stupid for lending to such a nation. By "bailout" presumably we mean give them more money. If one can't pay back what they've already borrowed, why on earth would anyone want to give them more? If anything the EU perhaps should be blamed for enabling reckless behavior such as this.

My own country (America) is also drowning in debt. When the ramifications are felt, we are not going to have the IMF or anyone else to bail us out. It's all going to be on us.

jj said...

The reason the IMF/EU loaned Greece the money to begin with was so that Greece could pay the bankers who foolishly loaned geek citizens money to speculate in real estate.
Swiss banks loaned them a lot when the EUR/CHF exchange rate was 160/1 .. then the exchange rate fell to par and is currently trading at 104/1 ..

Goldman Sachs engaged in (shady) debt swaps with the Greek government in order to hide government debt levels,so Greece would qualify for a seat in the EU and i'm sure the other EU members were aware of that slight of hand.

The IMF lending them money only guarantees that the Greek people become debt slaves forever .. Greece would do well to default but it wont be without lots of pain in the short term but eventually,if they don't fk it up, they could grow their country out of their current state of poverty.

Hamilcar Barca said...

jj: Nobody force Greece to borrow money in the first place ,but they did to survive ,in that time all that they have need to do some serios cuts just like some European countries have did.....Just like my country did to survive (Romania)...but noooo greece people wanted the high style living....,they don't understand the reality of a bankrupt country or austerity measures to survive, that what most people have done in EU ,so why Greece blame Eu for theyr on shit ? It is because political populism ? Stupidity or Ignorance maybe ? In the end the blame doesn't matter anymore ,greek debt will still remain whith EU or out of EU.