Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Pentagon Has A Survival Plan If The Electrical Grid Collapses

Darpa has launched a new program to target security threats to critical infrastructures in the US. It wants to focus on infrastructure that is vital to the Department of Defense's missions

Daily Mail: The DOOMSDAY plan: Military bosses reveal survival system that is in place if America's power systems are wiped out by cyber attacks

* Plan is dubbed Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization
* It will include automated systems that will help restore power within 7 days
* Follows a warning by General Keith Alexander that the US is at a growing risk of cyber attacks, with energy infrastructure a prime target

The US is at an ever growing risk of a cyber attacks, with energy infrastructure likely to be hackers' prime target.

This was the stark warning made by General Keith Alexander, the retired general and former chief of the National Security Agency, earlier this year.

Now, the Pentagon says it has a plan to do something about the threat.

Its research division, Darpa, has launched a new program to target security threats that have the potential to wipe out all of America's power systems.

WNU editor: I am not worried about a cyber attack (because it would be quickly corrected) .... this should be the big worry because it has happen in the past .... Super-Powerful Solar Storms Could Knock Out Communications, GPS, Power Systems With Only a Few Hours' Warning (Weather Channel).

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