Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Prediction On The 5 Most Powerful Navies Of 2030


Kyle Mizokami, National Interest: The 5 Most Powerful Navies of 2030

Will America still be number one? What about China? Or India?

The most powerful navies in 2030 will be a reflection of the broader state of the world. Some countries are invested in preserving the current international order, and see naval power as a means to maintain it. Other emerging countries are building navies commensurate with their newfound sense of status, often with an eye towards challenging that order.

The eastward shift in naval power will continue in 2030, a product of both declining defense budgets in Europe and growing economies in Asia. While the most powerful navies of the Cold War were concentrated largely in Europe, by 2030 both China and India will be on the list, with Japan and South Korea as runners-up also fielding large, modern naval forces.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. and China will be the major naval powers in 2030 .... period.

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