Monday, June 27, 2016

After Being Driven Out Of The City, Will Sunni Rebels Come Back To Take Control Of The Iraqi City Fallujah

Robert Fisk, The Independent: Fallujah, the 'resistance' city, is liberated yet again – for the fourth time in a decade

As history tells us, there are reasons to be cautious about the claims that the Iraqi city of Fallujah is freed from Isis control

There’s a truism long held in the Arab world: when the bad guys proclaim victory, they’re probably telling the truth. When the good guys proclaim victory, there’s usually just a little bit more fighting to be done before the promise is fulfilled; meaning another few days’ fighting, another week, another month… So when the Iraqi commander tells the people of Iraq that Fallujah has been “liberated” – for the fourth time in a decade, by my count – it’s time to use the critical faculties that politicians and armies so often lack.

Fallujah, you may remember, was the "city of mosques" whose Sunni people liberated themselves from Saddam’s rule a few days before their American liberators turned up in 2003 to tell the world they had themselves freed Fallujah from the evil Saddam. Then the city decided it didn’t want the American version of liberation and its resistance forces began attacking US troops who found themselves fighting – you guessed it – “terrorists” in Fallujah.

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WNU Editor: 4 liberations in one decade .... not a good sign on what the future may be for Fallujah.

A Look at Iraq's War Against IS After Fallujah (AP)

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