Sunday, June 26, 2016

After Brexit Vote There Is Now An Open Revolt In Britain's Labour Party

BBC: EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for leadership and reshape cabinet

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he will stand in any new leadership election following the resignations of a string of shadow cabinet colleagues.

Shadow Commons leader Chris Bryant was the latest person to resign in protest at Mr Corbyn's leadership over the EU referendum - and more are expected.

Mr Corbyn said he regretted those resignations and would reveal a reshaped cabinet on Monday.

Later, Labour MPs are due to discuss a no confidence motion against Mr Corbyn.

The motion was submitted by Labour MPs Dame Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, and a secret ballot could be held on Tuesday.

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WNU Editor: The Labour Party is not alone in facing an internal revolt .... Britain’s two main political parties in turmoil over E.U. fallout (Washington Post). As to the future of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn .... he is a known Euro sceptic and when he was voted to be party leader his position on the EU was known .... but .... the knives are still out for him.

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TWN said...

My Mum told me that my Dad was so enraged by King Edward and Mrs Simpson, in 1936 he had fist fights where he worked the Halifax Shipyards, the emotions ran that high, in the 1980's there was a mini series on TV, about it, he flew into a rage and stormed out of the room yelling at the TV. The point is I think by what I saw in the news since the vote, I think the people in the UK are having that kind of rage on both sides.

RRH said...

They Blairites/Third wayists have been after Corbyn since the day he won the leadership. The problem is not with them. It's with him. He should have cracked down straight away.

And TWN,

Speaking of the Royals, I vividly remember my Grandfather virtually foaming at the mouth arguing with his in-laws (staunch loyalists) about the British Monarchy's links to the Nazis. Everytime he named one of them it was after a "that Goddamn..." My Grandma would just glare at him.