Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit News Updates -- June 21, 2016

Daily Mail: A divided nation with two days to go: As one poll shows Brexit two points ahead but another gives Remain the advantage, data reveals the deep splits between young and old, the north and the south

* Two more polls today have revealed a mixed picture of the referendum race
* Voters go to the polls in just two days time to give their verdict on the EU
* Today's YouGov poll shows Leave two points ahead - after a weekend poll from the firm which showed Remain had got back into the lead
* But an ORB poll of people who say they will definitely turn out finds a six point lead for Remain - revealing support for Remain was up 5 per cent
* Polling expert Professor John Curtice believes the race is too close to call

Britain is split down the middle with just two days of the referendum battle to go.

As voters prepare to go to the polls on Thursday to decide the future of the nation, YouGov data revealed deep splits across the nation.

While London and Scotland break strongly for Remain, Wales, the Midland and the North look set on a Leave vote.

Voters aged over 50 are leading the charge for Brexit but those aged 18 to 24 are set to heavily back the campaign to keep Britain inside the EU.

The two rival campaigns are engaged in a frantic final round of media appearances today before the last big TV clash tonight in a massive debate at Wembley Arena.

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WNU Editor: My gut tells me that the momentum for the Leave side has dissipated since the murder of Jo Cox last week. But reports like this one cannot help the Remain side .... WATCH: Terrifying moment British tourists were confronted by rioting Calais migrants (Express). This is a big news story, and this blog will be extensively  covering the Brexit debate and vote starting tomorrow.

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B.Poster said...

The murder of Ms. Cox certainly cannot be helpful for the BREXIT side. My "gut" tells me the same that yours does about BREXIT momentum dissipating since this happened.

If this were America and a race were "to close to call" I could predict the outcome with a 99.99% degree of certainty. Generally in America one side or the other in a given election has a better get out the vote campaign and are better at getting their "to close to call" voters out to the polls to vote and in some instances there may be a "cheat factor" as well. Also, if this were America, the murder of a political proponent on one side would cause a significant portion of the undecided to break in the direction of the side supported by the murdered political leader. As such, if this were an American, issue remain would win based upon the murder of Ms. Cox.

Since this is not America, I am uncertain how this affects things. Since the vote has apparently remained "to close to call" apparently Britons are not as swayed by their emotions as Americans typically are.

Anonymous said...

Get in the lifeboat or stay on the ship, I mean it is the Titanic I doubt it will really sink, will it?

B.Poster said...

The EU is a bit like the Titanic. No one believed it could sink. Whwn confronted with evidence of the dhip's sinking, many refused to believe the ship really was sinking.

BREXIT is a bit like the lifeboats. If the British get on the lifeboats via BREXIT, the country has a fighting chance. Remain on the EU Titanic and go down with the EU ship, as it is going down regardless. Many are in the denial stage, at this point.

It is discouraging to learn that apparently 18-24 year old Britons by a majority support remain. In the EU, they have no future. A Britain freed from the EU gives the nation and it's economy a fighting chance to really take off which would be good for these people and their families. As such, I would expect this group to be leading the BREXIT charge with everything they have.

Why aren't they? Is it 1.)they are misinformed or 2.)self-hatred prevents them from acting in their best interests. I suspect it's a combination of both. While Britons don't seem to hate themselves and their country as much as Americans generally hate themselves and their country, self-hatred seems to be a major factor in all "western" nations.