Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit News Updates -- June 25, 2016

Daily Mail: 'It's not going to be an amicable divorce - it wasn't exactly a tight love affair anyway:' EU leaders tell Britain to 'urgently' trigger formal process to leave Brussels (after a VERY continental breakfast)

* Top officials from EU's founding fathers stage emergency summit in Berlin
* EU chief Jean Claude Juncker warns that Britain's exit won't be 'amicable'
* European leaders want talks to start 'immediately' to ensure swift separation
* Newspapers across Europe reacted with shock at EU referendum result
* French newspaper Liberation front page simply read: 'Good luck' alongside the famous photo of Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire
* French government wants Cameron replaced with new PM within days

Furious European leaders today told Britain it must 'urgently' trigger the formal process of leaving the EU today, despite David Cameron insisting the Government will wait until October.

As they scrambled to save the EU project at an emergency meeting in Berlin, the foreign ministers from the six founding member states increased the pressure on the UK Government to enter talks over the complex process of separation immediately.

They also discussed plans to combat the contagion of Britain's historic Brexit vote spreading across Europe over fears that Britain's departure threatens the future of the EU altogether.

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Brexit News Updates -- June 25, 2016

EU Referendum/Brexit: Live -- BBC
The Latest: Danish PM urges EU to pay attention to skeptics -- AP

World adjusts to Brexit vote after initial shock -- DW
Anti-Brexit protests break out on London streets after petition for a SECOND EU referendum hits 1.5million names in a day -- Daily Mail
Britain, EU at odds over timing of divorce talks -- AP
Germany, France press Britain for quick EU divorce -- Reuters
Brexit referendum: EU ministers press UK for quick exit -- BBC
EU Ministers Call On Britain To Quickly Start Exit Process -- RFE
Let’s get this over with: Founding EU members want quick divorce from UK -- RT
Brexit: EU push for UK to leave 'as soon as possible' -- Al Jazeera
Founding EU members talk Brexit in Berlin -- DW
Merkel says 'no need to be nasty' in leaving talks -- BBC
Merkel calls Brexit 'a watershed for Europe' -- DW
Merkel calls for sober EU divorce talks with 'partner' Britain -- Reuters
Global Markets Lose $2 Trillion As 'Brexit' Raises Economic Fears -- RFE
Brexit strips world’s 400 richest people of $127bn - Bloomberg -- RT
Carney Pledges $345 Billion to Fund First Line of Brexit Defense -- Bloomberg
British brace for economic repercussions of EU exit decision -- AP
Rating agency Moody's CUTS British credit outlook to 'negative' as European finance ministers say Brexit will limit British banks' access to EU markets -- Daily Mail
EU referendum: Moody's cut UK's credit outlook to 'negative' -- BBC
'This was a huge surprise' - Europe's reaction to the EU referendum result -- BBC
European Commission says after Brexit vote: Scotland part of UK -- Reuters
Sturgeon pledges to 'protect' Scottish EU interests -- BBC
Scotland seeks to remain in EU, ready for new independence vote -- Reuters
Irish unity vote for later, not now: foreign minister -- Reuters
Sinn Fein calls for Irish unity poll as Brexit fallout begins -- Reuters
Slovakian far right party launches petition for referendum on EU membership -- Reuters
A year after Grexit scare, Greece faces Brexit fallout -- DW
Erdogan threatens to hold EU bid referendum unless Turkey gets visa-free travel -- RT
Russia Revels In Brexit Vote -- RFE
Brexit: Spain calls for joint control of Gibraltar -- BBC
Brexit: Right-wing leaders across Europe rejoice -- DW

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