Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brexit News Updates -- June 29, 2016

Daily Mail: You'll get no exceptions! EU leaders tell Britain it must accept freedom of movement rules if it wants access to single market as they start plotting Brexit WITHOUT Cameron

* European leaders meet without Britain for first time at Brussels summit
* Agree Britain shouldn't have single market access without 'four freedoms'
* UK will have to accept open borders if it stays in tariff-free trading bloc
* EU Council President declares: 'There will be no single market a la carte'
* Downcast Angela Merkel met other EU leaders without Britain in Brussels
* They're fighting to stop EU from falling apart amid fears of Brexit contagion

Britain will not be given access to Europe's single market without accepting freedom of movement rules, EU leaders decided today.

As they met for the first time without David Cameron in Brussels today, the 27 EU heads of state agreed the UK would not be given any exceptions if it wanted to carry on selling and buying goods in the tariff-free trading zone as a non-EU member.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, declared: 'There will be no single market a la carte.'

But in a sign of the tense negotiations to come between Brussels and the UK, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he did not 'rule out' securing a deal on freedom of movement.

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WNU Editor: It seems that everything is starting to calm own .... Global stocks and oil prices gain as Brexit nerves settle (Reuters) .... with the exception of the politicians. But the issue of other countries wanting referendums is not going to go away .... 'Britain got the first shot in': French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says 'politicians are afraid' amid calls for THIRTY FOUR separate EU referendums across Europe (Daily Mail).

Brexit News Updates -- June 29, 2016

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RRH said...

This is going to (or should) be a bigger bomb than the Fauxit.

Caecus said...

34 referenda for 27 countries?