Monday, June 27, 2016

China Warns The Philippines That They Are Very Capable Of Removing Their Base In The Disputed Area Of South China Sea

Photo of Filipino wrecked warship/military base taken by a Chinese helicopter.

South China Morning Post: PLA capable of removing Philippines military base in disputed area of South China Sea, warns Communist Party mouthpiece

China has shown patience, but it is committed to defending its territory, says commentary in the People’s Daily ahead of tribunal ruling on maritime disputes in the region

China is fully capable of removing a Philippine naval vessel set up as a permanent base in a disputed atoll in the South China Sea, but has so far shown restraint, the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece said on Monday.

The commentary in the People’s Daily comes ahead of an imminent ruling from a international court in The Hague on China’s claims to territory in the region’s disputed waters. The case was bought by the Philippines.

The Philippines Navy deliberately grounded an old US built landing craft on the disputed Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea in 1999.

It has since kept a team of about a dozen military personnel on the ship to maintain occupation.

The shoal in the Spratly Islands chain is also claimed by China and is called Renai in Chinese.

China has repeatedly protested and asked for the removal of the craft.

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WNU editor: This dispute has been festering for a long time .... Philippines and China in Dispute Over Reef (New York Times).

Update: Is this the reason why China is now getting aggressive over this Philippine "military base" .... Did a US ‘Line in the Sand’ at Scarborough Shoal Just Wash Away? (Steven Stashwick in The Diplomat)


Aizino Smith said...

Who made the line in the sand?

That coward Obama?

He couldn't win a fist fight with a girl a head shorter than him in high school!

This comes as a shock?

CINC = COWARD in Chief.

Melo Lo said...

UNCLOS is about to be released.. if it favors the philippines, then get the hell out there china... you no longer has any more reasons left for your lie claims.

Unknown said...

I doubt that china will risk a conflict with the rest of the world.

Unknown said...

I doubt that china will risk a conflict with the rest of the world.

Aizino Smith said...

China might not willingly risk a conflict with multiple other nations, but they might miscalculate.

Hitler surely did. He got far with bold moves, relations with the king of Yugoslavia, dictator of Romania, Hungary, Italy, and Japan.

He miscalculated, when it came to Poland.

The British talked Franco out of rolling over.

Would India or Egypt have hung on if the Germans had taken Gibraltar?
Fewer Afrika supplies would have been lost. Fewer British supplies would have gotten to India and Egypt.

Might Japan have taken India and Germany taken Egypt?

Iran would have sided with Germany. They were invaded by Russia and Britain.

If things had gone Germany's way a little longer, the British and Russian might have evacuated Iran and the Turks might have come in on the German side like in WW1.

I believe that WW2 was a nearer run thing than most people believe in the afterglow of victory.

People do not pay enough attention to military science.

Hell yes China might miscalculate.