Monday, June 27, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Appeals For Calm After The Brexit Vote

Daily Mail: EU must stop others following Britain out of the door, Merkel warns amid market fears bloc is 'no longer governable' after Brexit

* German Chancellor says it is necessary to prevent others copying Britain
* Financial markets fear EU is 'no longer governable' after Brexit, she said
* Merkel is due to meet with French President Francois Hollande later today

Angela Merkel has said the EU needs to stop other countries following Britain out of the door amid market fears that the bloc is 'no longer governable' after Brexit.

The German Chancellor told her conservative party board in a conference call that it was necessary to prevent other European Union members going down the same path as Britain.

Merkel is also said to have revealed that international financial markets are concerned the EU is 'no longer governable' in the wake of Britain's exit vote.

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WNU editor: If there is one person to blame for the Brexit vote it is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her open border policy and invitation to refugees to migrate to Germany has caused enormous damage to the countries directly impacted by this crisis ... and it is a crisis that is further compounded by her refusal to consult and debate the merits of her policy. This arrogance has only fuelled anti-EU resentment, and is helping to shift the debate (and voters) to reject her and what the EU stands for. And while she is now singing a different tune in whcih there is now a need to secure borders, create jobs, and improve internal security .... Markets are concerned EU no longer governable after Brexit- Merkel (Reuters) .... her credibility has been damaged.

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