Friday, June 24, 2016

Greenland's Exit From The EU In 1985 Provides A Warning On How Hard Negotiations Will Be For Britain To Leave The EU

Politico: Greenland’s exit warning to Britain

If the last EU divorce is anything to go by, the UK is in for a tough time after a Brexit vote.

A narrow referendum victory in favor of leaving the EU followed by years of tough negotiations with officials in Brussels, who are perplexed anyone would want to quit the bloc. That’s the situation the U.K. could face after Thursday — and it’s also what happened to Greenland.

In 1982, the largest island in the world voted to leave the Union, but it took until 1985 until negotiations were completed, following more than 100 meetings with EU officials. That talks were so tough for an island with a population of 56,000 doesn’t bode well for a swift divorce if the U.K. does opt for Brexit.

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WNU Editor: This article was written before the Brexit vote, but it gives a heads-up on how tough negotiations will be when Britain sits down with the EU to negotiate a separation.

Update: Some are looking at the Swiss model as the course to follow after the Brexit vote .... but I agree with the following columnist that we should be sceptical .... Brexit: Britain's dreams of a Swiss miracle look like a fantasy (James B. Stewart, Sydney Morning Herald).

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