Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Is Michele Flournoy Hillary Clinton's Choice For Secretary of Defense?

Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, and Michele Flournoy. Flickr

Patrick Tucker, Defense One: Hillary Clinton’s Likely Defense Secretary Wants More US Troops Fighting ISIS and Assad

If the cards fall where many think they will, 2017 could be the year of the no-bomb zone.

The woman expected to run the Pentagon under Hillary Clinton said she would direct U.S. troops to push President Bashar al-Assad’s forces out of southern Syria and would send more American boots to fight the Islamic State in the region.

Michele Flournoy, formerly the third-ranking civilian in the Pentagon under President Barack Obama, called for “limited military coercion” to help remove Assad from power in Syria, including a “no bombing” zone over parts of Syria held by U.S.-backed rebels.

Flournoy, and several of her colleagues at the Center for New American Security, or CNAS, have been making the case for sending more American troops into combat against ISIS and the Assad regime than the Obama administration has been willing to commit.

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WNU Editor: The Republicans are not the only ones who have "hawks" in their party. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, and Michelle Flournoy is her choice for Secretary of Defense .... expect a more activist role for the U.S. military in the many trouble spots around the world.


TWN said...

More Neo Con Ass Hats, we such trouble with these morons.

Young Communist said...

With peoples like this U.S. dig his tomb with his hands.

Bob Huntley said...

There was something I didn't watch on the net the other day but the by line said something about 1.5 million vets about to become homeless. It reminded me of something my dad told me long ago about Germany after WW I. He said that Germany was allowed to have a very small standing army but once Hitler got going they started rolling trainees through the ranks to build up a trained ghost army living as part of the public but there when the need arose.

True, maybe, maybe not but when you think of how relatively "small" the US military has become with all those vets out in the cold they could swell the existing military with really just a little basic training and be ready to go with a million men in pretty short time.

Not doing anything to help the homeless vets might actually be a plan. I'm sure that after their experience with the military the vets might not be enthralled with the idea but with a little sign up money and warm food it would probably be a go.