Saturday, June 25, 2016

Is This The Reason Why British Prime Minister Cameron Decided To Quit Politics?

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron attends an Armed Forces Day National Event (AFDNE) at Cleethorpes in Britain June 25, 2016. Owen Cooban/MOD Crown Copyright/Handout via REUTERS

Daily Mail: 'Why should I do the hard s***?' Cameron 'told aides he'd rather quit now than spend six months working on Brexit only to hand over to rival'

* David Cameron made his resignation speech on Friday morning after vote
* New leader could face immediate challenge of keeping Scotland in the UK
* Boris Johnson has now put himself in a good position to be his successor
* But senior Tories are scrambling to stop the ex-Mayor seizing the crown
* Campaign sources blamed No 10 for being reluctant to attack Boris

David Cameron asked his aides 'why should I do the hard s***' as he prepared his resignation, it emerged today as a shocked Britain reflected on the shock Brexit vote.

The departing Prime Minister reportedly told members of his inner circle that he would rather hand over control sooner than spend time negotiating Britain's tricky exit from the EU.

As he got ready to resign early yesterday morning, Mr Cameron then thanked his aides, many of whom have been by his side throughout his 11 years as Conservative leader and six at No 10.

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WNU Editor: After creating this mess .... he has now decided to wash his hands of the whole thing and walk away. This is not my definition of a leader .... and it is now easy to understand why his campaign to keep Britain in the EU .... which should have been an easy one .... failed.


RRH said...

Cameron is a fruit true to the tree of its class. A first class "wanker", born and bred. It's a win win for him and his.

He is pulling out and laying Article 50 in someone else's lap. Boris, or whomever, are going to have to put up or shut up. As they are quickly realizing, pulling out of the EU could very likely mean more than one big, ugly, messy divorce. My money is on, a very weasel wordly put, shut-up.

Meanwhile, the fascist right with its masses of irredentist blue collar storm troopers, growls and drools menacingly. The left, as usual, skips around vapidly quacking slogans apparently reveling in its irrelavance.

Across the channel, the other dogs e on the right excitedly yelp and bark "---exit" before folks figure out it's all a song and dance leading to the same (or worse) shitty end for the majority. Conjuncturally, fascist guard dogs are ready in the wings to ensure fundamentally, as in fundamentally who runs the show, nothing changes. They'll chew on the darkies and silly lefties while the great rape and plunder of our time accelerates to it's neo-feudal/dark age conclusion.

This "Brexit" is not the great democratic break with Euro bureaucratic, upper class control. It's part of the next phase of a project of plunder and enslavement. We should judiciously separate the theatre from facts.

Daniel said...

Only now? It's been clear for some time now that this is what Cameron is. Indeed an ideal member of the current political elite, a consummate mannequin with no real convictions or integrity and no understanding of the world outside of conventional politics.