Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Myanmar Is The Latest Nation To Deploy Armed Drones

Military vehicles carry Wing Loong, a Chinese-made medium altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, past Tiananmen Gate during a military parade in Beijing on Sept. 3, 2015. Thanks to China’s state-run arms industry, these days almost any military can buy a drone with armor-piercing missiles. Credit: Andy Wong/Pool/Reuters

PRI/Global Post: One of Asia’s most abusive armies now deploys armed drones

In 2016, practically no nation is too impoverished or dysfunctional to acquire killer flying robots.

Case in point: Myanmar. The war-ravaged nation is now believed to own a dozen-odd drones armed with laser-guided missiles.

The assumed target of these sophisticated contraptions? Mountain-dwelling rebels who trudge through jungle mud with banged-up, black market M-16s.

This is the new normal in guerrilla warfare around the world. Far beyond Pakistan or Yemen, rebels scurrying around with cheap rifles can be blasted with satellite-guided bombs.

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WNU Editor: As predicted a few years ago .... armed drones will soon become an essential weapon for every military in the world.

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