Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pentagon: If We Have A Chance To 'Take Out' The Leader Of the Islamic State, 'We Will Take It'

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS's reclusive leader, makes his first public appearance and delivers his first sermon as the group's "caliph" at a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, July 5, 2014. REUTERS/SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE VIA REUTERS TV

FOX News: US military: If any opportunity arose to kill ISIS leader, 'we would take it'

The U.S. military would take advantage of any opportunity to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a spokesman based in Baghdad told reporters Wednesday, adding that he could not confirm recent reports that a coalition airstrike killed the terrorist in Syria.

"We don't know for sure" that it happened, Col. Christopher Garver said during a news briefing. Garver added that there were no U.S. airstrikes in Raqqa on June 10, despite multiple reports claiming the strike unfolded there. One of the reports came from ISIS-linked news agency al-Amaq.

Garver said there were "two small strikes" the next day in Raqqa, however. "We've been targeting senior leaders of [ISIS] and if we've got an opportunity to get him, we would take it."

There is currently a $25 million bounty on al-Baghdadi's head.

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WNU Editor: He will be killed one day (I do not expect him to be captured alive even if he is cornered and surrenders) .... the only question that now needs to be answered is .... when.

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TWN said...

This is ridiculous, ISIS has and organization killing the head wont do a thing, an organization is always prepared to lose it's head, when Kennedy was killed did the US cease to exist, no of course not, and neither will ISIS. The so called leadership of the west had better stop watching Cowboy and Indian movies in which when the Chief was killed all the Indians just gave up. Not reality at all.