Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pentagon Spends Millions Of Dollars AGAIN To Train Just 100 Syrian Rebels

A Free Syrian Army trainer addresses fellow fighters as he conducts a demonstration on how to use anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons at a training camp in the northern countryside of Aleppo © Ammar Abdullah / Reuters

Washington Post: Revamped U.S. training program, with new goals, has trained fewer than 100 Syrians so far

U.S. military officials are considering ways to ramp up training of Syrian fighters against the Islamic State as the Pentagon moves cautiously forward with a revamped program to create an effective local ground force.

Several U.S. officials, speaking to reporters on the condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing military efforts, described the steps the Pentagon has taken since late last year, when the Obama administration abandoned an earlier Syria training plan. After repeated setbacks to that program, which aimed to create an army of Syrian fighters from scratch, officials settled on a different approach, one that would train only small numbers of leaders or other key personnel from local units who could act as a liaison with U.S. and allied forces attacking the Islamic State from the air.

Since the original program was revised, U.S. military personnel have trained fewer than 100 additional fighters, mostly outside of Syria, officials said. Those trained are specialized fighters whom military officials describe as “spotters” rather than ordinary infantry troops.

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WNU Editor: Training 100 fighters will have zero impact on the Syrian war. This is not a strategy .... this is just going through the motions. My suggestion .... take that money and give it to the Kurds who are already doing most of the fighting.

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Anonymous said...

I'm truly asking your opinion when I say; Do you believe that these large sums of money are being spent on these training missions, and are not merely 'fronts' for covering up other purposes for these hundreds of millions of dollars?

Jay Farquharson said...

Basically, they've trained up jihadi's to be able to call in artillary, air support, and missile strikes.

Won't that be "helpfull".

Si-vis-pasen- said...

And the Russians fullbacks destroyed their position before they can do anything and that's lovely.