Saturday, June 18, 2016

Report: There Has Been A Military Clash Between Syrian Government Forces And Hezbollah In Aleppo

A Hezbollah funeral for one of its fighters killed in Syria. (YouTube/Channel 4 News)

Middle East Monitor: Assad and Hezbollah forces clash in Aleppo

Several clashes have taken place in Aleppo between the Syrian regime army and Hezbollah militia. Dozens have been killed and wounded, reported the Huffington Post on Friday. Aircraft belonging to the regime have been targeting Hezbollah militiamen, noted the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

Sources from the Syrian opposition said that the clashes erupted due to mutual accusations that troops had retreated in the face of the enemy and a subsequent exchange of insults between the two nominal allies. The clashes apparently led to a Syrian army officer and seven soldiers being killed; the army then retaliated against the Hezbollah forces.

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WNU Editor: Hezbollah is denying these reports .... Hezbollah denies clashing with Assad forces in Syria (Ya Liban). More here .... Hezbollah denies clashes with Syrian regime forces (Middle East Monitor). Interesting .... no denials yet from the Syrian government.

Update: It has been a bad week for Hezbollah in Syria .... Syria: Hezbollah suffers highest death toll in battle so far (Arutz Sheva)

Update #2: It is hard to determine how accurate this report is, but here is another report (albeit from a Saudi-backed outlet) of rifts in the Syrian-Russian-Hezbollah-Iran alliance .... Rift Widens Among Allies in Syria… Assad Irked with Putin’s Call (Asharq Al Awsat)

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Jay Farquharson said...

The Saudi's own Huffpo ME, the MI6 run MEM, SOHR,

And if the Syrians, Iraqi's et al shot anybody who ran away, there would be nobody left.