Friday, June 17, 2016

Russia Warns The U.S. To Not Target Syrian Government Forces

The Hill: Russia warns US against targeting Syria's Assad

Russia is warning the United States against targeting Syrian President Bashar Assad after a report that U.S. diplomats are urging the Obama administration to do just that.

Toppling Assad "wouldn't help a successful fight against terrorism and could plunge the region into total chaos," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Russia is one of Assad’s few international backers and has been conducting airstrikes against rebels in Syria since September.
Late Thursday, The New York Times reported on an internal memo that 51 State Department diplomats have signed urging the United States to conduct military strikes against Assad’s government.

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Update #1: Russia Warns Against Regime Change In Syria (RFE)
Update #2: Russia: US strikes on Assad will plunge Mideast into chaos (Press TV)

WNU Editor: The Russians are nervous about this report .... U.S. State Department Officials In Revolt Against The White House. Urging U.S. Military Action Against Assad Regime.


Anonymous said...

These 50 diplomats should be fired

the objective voice said...

Russia should be concerned. If it puts itself between US air power and the Syrian Government forces, Russia could lose more than a little bit of face. It could lose its entire air fleet in Syria. Russia has deployed it's most advanced air defense system, I assume that is what it will rely on. Don't think the US hasn't planned on that though. It's time for all sides to take a step back.