Friday, June 17, 2016

Russian President Putin Is Still Praising Donald Trump

TASS: Putin hails Trump’s declared readiness to mend relations with Russia

According to the president Russia is ready to "do business with any US president"

ST. PETERSBURG, June 17. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes Donald Trump’s declared readiness to mend relations with Russia.

"What I’ve certainly paid attention to and welcomed is Mr. Trump’s statement he is prepared for the full format restoration of Russian-US relations. Is there anything bad about that? We welcome this," Putin said at the full-scale meeting of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in reply to questions from the moderator.

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WNU Editor: Before all the Trump supporters and opponents get worked up, Russian President Putin also praised former President Clinton .... Putin grateful to Bill Clinton for assistance, respect in early days of his career (TASS). From the same TASS post, Russia President Putin was also reminded of a remark that he had made on Hillary Clinton .... ‘The Devil’s wife is also a witch’. I am willing to bet that this line is not going to be repeated by the U.S. press.

As to who does Russian President Putin support and/or will feel more comfortable in dealing with ..... looking at his body language, and how he responded to the Donald Trump question .... my gut is telling me that he does not want to deal with a President Hillary Clinton.

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B.Poster said...

Not sure why Trump supporters should get "worked up" about this. Actually this would be a compelling reason to vote for Trump. Fixing our relations with Russia should be our top foreign policy priority. If Mr. Putin supports Mr. Trump, this would be a good reason for Americans to support him as well.

The Russians are the world's best at using the media to get their desired message out, sending in political operatives into countries they wish to influence, and encouraging other governments to conduct policies consistent with their desires. Perhaps they will use these resources and skill sets to help Mr. Trump get elected.