Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Battle To Reclaim The Iraqi City Of Fallujah From The Islamic State Continues

The Telegraph: Fallujah dispatch: inch by inch they advance, sniper and booby traps at every turn

Fallujah was supposed to be empty. Most Islamic State fighters were reported to have all fled, but the elite troops that had been fighting in the Iraqi city for a month knew better than to take their enemy lightly.

Several hundred jihadists are still holed up in Fallujah, officers said, and they are mounting a desperate defence.

Iraqi forces pushed deeper into the city on Sunday, slowly tightening the noose around a fanatical core of Isil fighters determined to fight to the end.

Spearheaded by elite counterterrorism units known as the Golden Division, troops inched forward, slowed by sniper fire, suicide attacks and an urban landscape rigged with explosives.

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James said...

There are some very very bad things being done in Fallujah by the Shia militias that will have severe repercussions.