Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Canadian Air Force Is On The Verge Of 'Falling Apart'

Ricardo Traven, the chief test pilot for the Boeing Super Hornet, sits in the cockpit of the fighter at the Boeing plant in St Louis, Mo. The fighter is one alternative to the F-35.

CBC: CF-18 airframes approaching their age limits as replacement debate rages

Canada's fighter jets running out of airframe life, according to data tabled in Parliament.

Canada's current fleet of CF-18s is rapidly wearing out, according to new figures tabled in Parliament, and there are fresh questions emerging about how well the fighter jets, and other so-called legacy aircraft, will be able to communicate with the new F-35s.

The new data emerged on the same day as the corporate air war over the Trudeau government's fighter replacement program heated up, with one of the principal contenders going on a PR offensive to counter the notion that choosing anything other than the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter would cost Canadian jobs.

Last week Lockheed Martin warned it would pull hundreds of millions of dollars in F-35 related work out of the country unless its jet was selected to replace Canada's CF-18s.

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Update: Test pilot makes F-35 pitch (Toronto Sun)

WNU editor: This explains why the Canadian government had to act .... Canada Planning To Buy Super Hornet Fighter Jets Before Making A Final Decision On F-35s (June 7, 2016).

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