Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The U.S. Navy Wants Friendly Robots

U.S. Navy's Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot - SAFFiR (YouTube)

Vocativ: The Navy Is Teaching Robots Human Ethics

Making robots less evil one simulation at a time

The United States Navy thinks the best way to prevent robots from killing all of us might be to teach them some manners with the help of video games. That’s the plan behind the Quixote project, a collaboration between the Office of Naval Research and a research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Quixote is artificial intelligence software that teaches robots how to act in accordance with human ethics and norms.

One of the main goals of Quixote is to build a “human user’s manual” that will prevent a robot apocalypse, or at least dispel fears that robots will turn on the human race. Mark Riedl, Quixote team leader and associate professor and director of Georgia Tech’s Entertainment Intelligence Lab, believes that the best way to teach robots how to fit in with society isn’t much different than the way we teach humans. “The collected stories of different cultures teach children how to behave in socially acceptable ways with examples of proper and improper behavior in fables, novels, and other literature,” Riedel said in a statement. “We believe story comprehension in robots can eliminate psychotic-appearing behavior and reinforce choices that won’t harm humans and still achieve the intended purpose.”

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WNU Editor: It all comes down to how they are programmed.

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