Friday, June 24, 2016

Who Will Be Next To Leave The EU?

Daily Mail: Who will be NEXIT? The Swexits, Czexits and Frexits that could follow Britain out of the EU... and the aftershocks hitting continent

* Eurosceptic parties across continent will now demand their own OUT poll
* Voters in Sweden and Denmark are anti-EU and may demand referendum
* Czech prime minister has already warned Brexit could trigger a 'Czexit'
* Far Right in France will capitalise on Brexit to make gains in 2017 election
* Extremist politicians in Netherlands say Dutch should have their say

Eurosceptic parties across the continent are intensifying demands for their own referendums in the wake of the Brexit vote, as the repercussions of the political earthquake gradually become clear.

Shortly after the result was announced, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, called for a 'Frexit' vote on Twitter, while the far-Right Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders called for a 'Nexit'.

In Italy the leader of the Italian anti-immigrant Northern League, Matteo Salvini, called the European Union 'a cage of crazies' that is killing jobs and citizen dignity.

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WNU Editor: If Greece was not dependent on the EU for financial debt assistance ... they would be the first to leave ASAP. Same for Spain .... but they are also dependent on the EU for financial assistance due to their huge debts. The French will probably be the next big domino to fall .... if Hollande calls a referendum .... which I doubt.


Aizino Smith said...

What this bar chart shows me is that most people, do not want to be in the EU. It is all the result of pols and inertia.

I like the idea of one world government.

What I do not like is that idea that it is forced.

When it put 2 generators online with each other they have to be within 5 degrees of phase before I connect them.

Greece lied about its finance, when it joined the EU. France is reporting black market business such as prostitution to boost it GDP. The EU cannot police its southern border.

Who can keep track of 4 or 5 levels of governments. 3 is probably max.

The EU parliament is probably filled with a bunch of people, who could not otherwise earn a legitimate living

Young Communist said...

Greece finance were certified by Goldman Sachs men for the EU. But Greece has lost his train refusing the aid of Russia when is offered, now social situation is at collapse.

Italians for most follow their conveniences, but because they lack on understanding of common good, often follow the opposite. Even my country today consider black market business for his GDP. Bleah!

We are in a parasitic economy, we fall one after another.

CatholicDragoon said...

I find that chart hard to believe. Poland and Hungary want to be apart of the EU more than anyone?

What I've learned of recent politics for both countries is that they're leaning against it.

RRH said...

I'd watch France. If she goes, it's good night Irene.