Friday, June 17, 2016

Why Iran Does Not Trust Russia On Syria

Abbas Qaidaari, Al-Monitor: Why Iran still doesn’t trust Russia on Syria

TEHRAN, Iran — On June 10, Iran hosted the defense ministers of Russia and Syria at its own Defense Ministry. The stated aim was to exchange views and discuss the “war on terror.” This time, unlike previous such gatherings, it was Iran and not Russia that formed the political axis of the discussions. During the talks in Tehran, the three defense ministers confirmed their respective governments’ determination to “continue military operations until terrorism is rooted out,” especially in Syria.

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WNU Editor: The Iranians see this conflict as a religious/sectarian one, and they want to provide support and protection for their allies. The Russians do not want to get involved in a prolonged military conflict with a religious bent .... hence the reluctance. I expect both sides to continue to work and cooperate together on Syria .... but once Russia's strategic objectives have been secured .... port and airport facilities and a loyal and faithful ally in Assad .... they will want their military footprint decreased, and decreased ASAP.


the objective voice said...

That's the problem with quagmires, you don't know your in one till your neck deep. Whether Russia knows it, they are up to about the arm pit. They need a way out soon, or they will find the same quagmire the US has avoided so far. But with much less resorces. It may already be too late.

Aizino Smith said...

So leave Afghanistan and let the alliance fall apart.

Obama is a lousy general/CINC anyway.

He once stood up to a girl (I mean picked on) after most of the other kids at the private prep academy were picking on her.

He is also very brave when confronting every oine's weak sisters, Crying baby Boehner and the man who you should not take fishing.

The fish might land him with the 10 lb test. Explain that obne to the warden.