Friday, June 17, 2016

World News Briefs -- June 17, 2017

Reuters: Second flight recorder retrieved from crashed EgyptAir flight

A second flight recorder has been retrieved from the crashed EgyptAir flight MS804, containing data from aircraft systems which could shed light on what brought the plane down last month, Egyptian investigators said on Friday.

An Egyptian committee investigating the crash in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which killed all 66 people on board, announced the find a day after search teams located the cockpit voice recorder.

The two black box recorders are crucial to explaining what went wrong on the Airbus A320, which crashed early on May 19 on its way from Paris to Cairo.

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Iraqi special forces enter center of IS-held Fallujah. IS conflict: Iraqi forces 'retake Falluja city hall'.

Russia strikes U.S.-backed rebels in Syria: U.S. official.

War rages in Yemen, despite UAE ceasing active military ops.

Ankara doesn't regret downing Russian jet despite reeling from the results.

Saudi Arabia upset after Hillary Clinton links oil kingdom to terrorism.

Fury erupts in Iran over vast salaries paid to government officials.

Middle East worst hit by rise in sand and dust storms.


North Korea predicts war in August, says US planning a preemptive strike.

Tension prevails at Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Taliban reportedly use 'beautiful' boys to infiltrate, kill Afghanistan police.

China behaving like 'gangster' state with bookseller kidnap, say Hong Kong politicians.

South China Sea row: Where countries stand.

Nephew of China's former domestic security tsar jailed for graft.

North Korea ratifies UN convention against organized crime.

Gujarat riots: India court jails 11 for life over Gulbarg massacre.


EgyptAir crash: Second flight recorder recovered.

Boko Haram kills 18 women at a funeral in Nigeria.

U.N. peacekeepers kill seven Congo rebels amid inter-ethnic tensions.

US lawmakers mull train-and-equip plan to stabilize Libya.

Somalia: Number of child soldiers may top 5,000, UN reports.

Lord's Resistance Army rebels kidnap 17 in Central African Republic.

Egypt still off limits to Russian tourists as security situation unimproved.


Jo Cox killing: Investigators search for motive, Brexit campaign put on hold. Britain mourns murdered lawmaker, EU referendum campaign suspended.

Four servicemen, six militants killed in clashes in southern Russia: Ifax.

Putin calls to improve ties with the EU despite sanctions.

Russia assails NATO's move to deploy troops near its border.

‘I don’t need war’: Bulgarian PM rules out joining NATO flotilla in Black Sea.

Bulgaria follows France and Netherlands in move to ban the veil.

French President Hollande leads tribute to police couple killed in terrorist knife attack.

Former Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning convicted.

Russian athletes to remain banned from international competition.


Illegal families surge across US border; 2016 already worse than 2015.

Obama to meet Saudi deputy crown prince on Friday: White House.

Lootings soar in Venezuela amid food scarcity.

Guatemala ex-president and deputy face fresh corruption charges.

Peru prosecutor says Chavez, Brazil firms may have funded Humala.

Brazil's tourism minister resigns weeks before Olympics.

Several U.S. officials expelled from Nicaragua: State Department.

Fire burning in Santa Barbara County more than doubles to 4,000 acres overnight.


CIA: Undaunted ISIS is expanding, focused on attacking West.

CIA head: No reduction in ISIS terror threat.

Declassified CIA file: Bin-Laden aide stopped providing intel after torture.

ISIS 'kill list' includes names of 151 Canadians.


China rules against Apple over iPhone patent claim.

Canada wildfires could still depress official oil inventories.

Microsoft to help track legalised marijuana sales.

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