Tuesday, June 28, 2016

World News Briefs -- June 28, 2016

The Guardian: 69m children will die of preventable causes, says Unicef

UN children’s agency report highlights toll on youngsters by 2030 unless world leaders turn rhetoric into reality on fighting poverty

Less than a year after the world promised to leave no one behind by signing up to an ambitious 15-year blueprint to end inequality, the UN children’s agency says that 69 million children will die from mostly preventable causes by 2030, and 167 million will be living in extreme poverty, unless world leaders turn rhetoric into reality.

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The Iraqis' win over ISIS in Fallujah was considerably easier than expected. Homes burned, looted in Iraqi city after defeat of militants.

Planning now underway for campaign to liberate Mosul: U.S. official.

At least 12 killed in suicide bombing of mosque near Baghdad.

No change in Iran behavior in Syria since nuclear deal: U.S. official.

Heightened terror threat in Lebanon after suicide attacks near Syria. Lebanon army detains 100 Syrians after Qaa bombings. Lebanon fears new terror wave after multiple suicide attack.

Saudi-led air strike kills 10 Yemeni civilians, wounds 15 more: residents.

Israel, Turkey ink reconciliation pact.

Israel closes al-Aqsa to non-Muslims during Ramadan.


Former Afghan warlord scuttles peace deal with Kabul.

North Korea says entire army 'waiting' for instructions.

U.N. urges Sri Lanka to rein in military, prosecute war crimes.

With eye on China, Indonesian parliament approves higher defense spending.

Young Mongolians hope elections will rock 'n' roll political establishment.

Pakistan's new military courts challenged over abuse claims.

Myanmar court lays new charges against Saffron Revolution leader.


EgyptAir MS804 crash: Flight data recorder 'repaired'. Egypt says flight 804 'black box' fixed as France opens manslaughter case.

Study: Militant Islamist attacks in Africa growing.

Human Rights Watch accuses CAR police unit of unlawful killings.

Somalia's Al-Shabaab down but far from out.

Daesh terrorists in Libya use civilians as human shields - military.

Rebel, army clashes kill 43 near South Sudan's Wau: government.

Maldives court upholds jail sentence against former president.


EU leaders plot a future without Britain, demand answers.

Brexit vote: Bitter exchanges in EU parliament debate.

David Cameron: We won’t trigger Article 50 now.

Britain to have new prime minister by 2 September.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan demands more autonomy for pro-EU capital after Brexit.

Putin to have phone conversation with Erdogan on Wednesday – Kremlin.

Germany seeks UN Security Council seat again.

France charges Rifaat al-Assad with corruption.

Strike shuts Eiffel Tower to tourists again.


House Benghazi report slams administration response to attacks. Benghazi report: State worried about image of Marines marching through city.

Economic turmoil threatens Clinton.

Donald Trump targets 'globalism' as job-killer.

Secret Service stretched to limit amid heated campaign, say experts.

US accuses Russia of harassing diplomats.

Innocent women tortured in Mexico to boost arrest figures, report says. Mexico's security forces routinely use 'sexual torture' against women, says rights group.

Rio police protest lack of salaries, toilet paper.

Jason Day says Zika fears will keep him out of Rio Olympics.

First voyage through expanded Panama canal.


Pentagon: Islamic State hasn't won in a year.

FBI Director Comey's refusal to name gunman marks change in terror talk.

FBI didn’t inform some Americans they were on ISIS kill list.


Market pressure eases after Brexit rout.

European banks get reprieve from Brexit hammering.

VW agrees to pay up to $14.7 billion to settle Dieselgate claims.


RRH said...

“For the most part, the constraints on reaching these children are not technical. They are a matter of political commitment. They are a matter of resources. And they are a matter of collective will – joining forces to tackle inequity and inequality head-on by focusing greater investment and effort on reaching the children who are being left behind. The time to act is now.”

69 million kids.

It's genocide in the time of world wide capitalism.

phill said...




RRH said...
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RRH said...

Why thank you phill, for the very helpful illumination of a charitable act toward post-revolutionary Russia in 1921.

Before I proceed to employ your very cogent, if narrowly conceived/employed, historical intervention, a word. Just because a person criticizes the current hegemonic system, that bring capitalism, does not mean they are advocating communism; much less as it was practiced in Russia. In 1921. After a world war. Revolution. Civil War. (Beneficent to be sure--aren't they all?) "Western" invasion. During a drought.

No, the criticism is in fact quite specificand contemporary. So, JUST for you, phill.

Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che and Count Dracula have been (un)dead -- duly resurrected whenever self appointed guardians of capitalism want to fart out some chaff to distract any criticism of the system they have pledged to defend to the last man, or kid in this case-- for decades, but, the bodies keep piling up.
All of this, as phill as so graciously pointed out with apt historical (re)proof, with the knowlege that "we" certainly know better.

Further to that, and thanks again for the help, phill, TODAY'S U.S. food aid is a paltry crumb in compared to the ARA's efforts, especially when compared to the real money maker; military aid.

But I digress. I was critizing international capitalism, which includes, but is not limited to, the U.S.A.

RRH said...

Now phill, I understand, especialy since Live Aid, y'all have taken the "We Are The World" thing to heart but you just are not the only all profit, all the time game in town-- more on that later.

Charitable acts of a bygone era notwithstanding, in a world dominated by the capitalist system, in 2016 -- that's TOOO THOUSAND AN' SIXTEEN (an' about fiddy cent), 69 MILLION kids are dying, will die from perfectly preventable causes. Fo sho, right now.

So, if I may publicly avail myself of your unsolicited informational charity, oh graduate of the high fallutin' indignant morally reductionist obfuscationist school of capitalist deflection of criticism...

Just what, the f###, is goin' on?

RRH said...

in the spirit of charity that phill has given the little trip down memory lane getting off on 1921 Hoover Street,

Some less than charitable, and by no means eexhaustive, list of historical addresses worth a visit.











NOTE: The stunning and astounding absence of Communist killers at the above addresses. In a neighbourhood this bad one would expect at least ONE reference to LeninStalinMaoChe. Amazingly, a large number of these horrifying acts and more, not forgetting the 69 million kids, happened before, happened after or are in progress as we #### about on this forum playing games__

OWN YOUR SHIT for a change.