Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Debate Is Raging In Hillary Clinton's Camp On What Should Be The U.S. Policy On Syria

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is interviewed by Fareed Zakaria.

The Hill: Debate rages in Clinton camp over Syria policy

A debate is raging among allies of Hillary Clinton over what to do about Syria, a hot spot for terrorism that is likely to be a foreign policy problem for the next president.

Clinton, the former secretary of State and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has advocated for a more assertive military U.S. posture in the country, but not all of her foreign policy advisers agree, raising questions about what path she would take if she were to win the White House.

Away from the commotion of the campaign, several prominent Clinton advisers are making their views known.

Michèle Flournoy, who is considered a top candidate to be Clinton’s Defense secretary, over the weekend called the Obama administration’s policy on Syria’s civil war “a mistake.”

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WNU Editor: This is normal in any campaign .... the need to be more specific on the details and policy objectives .... but the Hillry Clinton camp better hurry-up, time is running out. As for Donald Trump's Syrian policy .... Donald Trump On ISIS: Defeating Islamic State, Not Assad In Syria, Part Of Proposed Presidential Foreign Policy (IBTimes).


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She doesn't care what happened to America must less the world her only agenda is making a legacy of her career

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Cant any signers claim hillary defense? Im too stupid too incompetent and too dangerous?

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