Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Look At How The Pentagon Prepares For A Change In Administration


Bloomberg: How the Pentagon is preparing for the change in administration

Before every change of administration, government agencies harbor grand expectations for new leadership and a fresh vision of the future, although transformational ideas on how to manage a headstrong bureaucracy may not be necessarily welcome.

The transition at the Defense Department is always a major focus due to the nature of its mission and demanding responsibilities. Months before the November presidential election, Pentagon advisory teams have been mobilized to help prepare the next administration for the management challenges that lie ahead.

A key warning for incoming leaders is that the best laid plans at the Pentagon can fall apart in the wake of unexpected global events. A new twist in this year’s transition preparations is the chaotic political climate in the United States and the likely disruption caused by fiscal cliffs and government shutdowns.

“This is an unprecedented environment,” said Defense Business Board Chairman Michael Bayer.

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WNU Editor: If Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. Presidency .... I do not see many changes happening. If Donald Trump wins .... my gut tells me that there will be changes .... and these changes will be major.

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B.Poster said...

I agree under a Trump presidency the changes will be major. Will they be better? while this is not known at this time, the current situation is horrific and to think that someone would actually want to continue with such policies is hard to fathom.

In any event, the Pentagon and all other government agencies should prepare for a Trump presidency and act as accordingly as this is coming to pass whether they want it or not. As such, they should be looking at ways they can assist him in order to gain favor with him.

The only possibilities I see that can derail a Trump presidency are 1.) he is unable to raise the necessary money or get the necessary team in place to mount a viable campaign, 2.)the media/Clinton campaign is able to find something in his record that is bad enough to undermine him, or 3.)his tax returns contain some sort of surprise that is not expected.

As for 1, I have full confidence that this issues will be effectively resolved and other affected stakeholders should work under this assumption as well. As for 2, this is very unlikely as the media, the democrats, and the Republicans have thrown everything including the proverbial kitchen sink at him trying to derail him and have failed to do so. As for 3, if the unaudited returns contained some sort of surprise, the IRS and democrats would have already made sure they were leaked. In any event, to leak them would only reveal he is very, very rich and he tries to keep as much of his hard earned money as eh can. In other words, to leak the returns would only work to his advantage. Such would be an unforced error on the part of the democrats. As such, a leak of the returns is highly unlikely.

Essentially get ready for a Trump presidency. Given the mass insanity that seems to have infected "western" leaders I suspect allot of people are hoping for and praying for a Trump victory.