Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Russian View On How To Challenge U.S. Aircraft Carriers


Sputnik: How Washington Uses Aircraft Carriers and How They Can Be Challenged

Russian journalist Sviatoslav Knyazev discusses the 'carry a big stick' approach entailed in Washington's use of its aircraft carriers, and how nations might effectively work to challenge US military hegemony.

Last month, Washington carried out a demonstration of military power using aircraft carriers unseen in years and perhaps decades, not even trying to hide the fact that it was looking to exert political and military pressure on Moscow and Beijing.

In June, the US Navy simultaneously put six of its aircraft carriers on combat duty, something the world has not witnessed since 2012. "That's in quantitative terms," Knyazev noted in his piece for PolitRussia. "Qualitatively, Washington was even bolder; this kind of activity by the US Navy in the world's oceans has not been observed since the 1990s," he added.

In early June, the USS Harry Truman and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower entered the Mediterranean Sea, with the explicit goal, 'accidentally' leaked to the press, of "checking the Russians" and "making them think twice" about US capabilities.

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WNU Editor: This reporter is making the case that Russia also needs aircraft carriers. What's my take .... no. Russia does not run an empire .... and it is also not a naval power. It also does not have the resources to maintain such a navy .... on top of the fact that I fail to see how having Russian aircraft carriers and a support task force on the high seas will be able to enhance and/or promote Russia interests abroad.

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