Monday, July 25, 2016

Afghan-Civilian Casualties Reach A Half-Year Record High

DW: Civilian deaths in Afghanistan hit new record

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan have reached a record high in the first half of this year, the United Nations says. Children are paying a heavy price as insurgent groups launch indiscriminate attacks.

Civilians are being killed and wounded in record numbers in Afghanistan, a new UN report released Monday. The release of the report comes just two days after twin blasts killed at least 80 people and injured more than 230, most of them civilians, at a peaceful political rally in Kabul.

Those casualties - claimed by the self-styled "Islamic State" - were not part of the UN's latest tally.

The report found that, between January and June, the UN documented 1,601 civilian deaths and 3,565 injured civilians. This represents an increase of 4 percent in the total number of casualties compared to the same period last year, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said.

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