Friday, July 8, 2016

Americans Are Intensely Interested In This U.S. Presidential Election Cycle

PEW Research: 2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction

As convention nears, most Republicans see a party divided

As Republicans and Democrats prepare for their party conventions later this month, a new national survey paints a bleak picture of voters’ impressions of the presidential campaign and the choices they face in November.

Overall satisfaction with the choice of candidates is at its lowest point in two decades. Currently, fewer than half of registered voters in both parties – 43% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans – say they are satisfied with their choices for president.

Roughly four-in-ten voters (41%) say it is difficult to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because neither would make a good president – as high as at any point since 2000. And just 11% say the choice is difficult because either would make a good chief executive, the lowest percentage during this period.

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WNU Editor: Reflecting on my own experience of watching U.S. presidential elections .... this cycle reminds me of the first one that I followed .... the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

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